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Ready in 5 Minutes or Less!

Discover the joy of hassle-free, nutritious meals with HARRAN Natural. 

In less than 5 minutes, you can enjoy a delicious, heart-healthy dish that’s perfect for busy days.

Say goodbye to long cooking hours and hello to convenience, taste, and well-being.


HARRAN Natural products are designed for easy and quick preparation, allowing you to enjoy healthy meals without the hassle of extensive cooking.


No need to be a gourmet chef to savor our nutritious offerings. Our dishes are crafted to be accessible and satisfying for everyone.


With a cooking time of less than 5 minutes, our foods are perfect for busy individuals or anyone seeking a convenient and health-conscious dining option.

HARRAN Natural Fits Into Your Lifestyle

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Main Dish

Need a full meal on the go? HARRAN Natural is the answer. Quicker than you can set a table, your meal will be ready!

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Side Dish

No need to fret over a healthy side for your main dish. Just quickly heat up and dish out one of your HARRAN Natural packets and your meal is complete.

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Wraps are delicious, but take oh, so long to fix.

Keep your wrap healthy and fast with HARRAN Natural.


Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle with HARRAN Natural.

Explore our offerings and experience delicious vegetarian and vegan goodness.

Featured ProductS

Ancient grains. Healthy living.


Improve Your Dining Experience Today!


Our products are nutritionally balanced, crafted with natural, wholesome ingredients to support your well-being and vibrant health.


Enjoy gourmet-quality meals with minimal effort. HARRAN Natural is designed for quick and simple preparation.


Elevate your dining experience effortlessly with our time-saving, heat-and-eat solutions, perfect for busy lives while maintaining your commitment to health.

Easy to Prepare

Cooks in Less Than 5 Min

Why settling for fast food that compromises your immune system when you can have nutrient-rich HARRAN Natural ready even faster than going through a drive through?


HARRAN Natural uses the finest Olive Oil to highlight the superior flavor of its products and maintain the highest quality standards.

Unzip & enjoy today!

Supporting Nature

A Clean Environment Means Clean Ingredients

Our commitment is to continue to bring you delicious, healthy food that is convenient, delicious and easy to prepare.

We are dedicated to providing natural and nutritious foods produced under the highest of quality standards with minimal processing. Let us bring the nature’s nourishing essence straight to your table!

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Follow us as we showcase recipes and write about the benefits that ancient grains bring to the modern diet.  


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Our Journey

Nurturing Nature, Crafting Wholesome Food, Building Community

At HARRAN Natural, our story is a tale of passion and purpose. As a women-owned company, we began with a vision to reconnect people with the ancient wisdom of wholesome, sustainable, and delicious food. From supporting small farmers to curating natural, clean ingredients, our journey is marked by a commitment to nourishing both body and Earth. Join us on this path of creating meaningful connections, cultivating health, and fostering a vibrant community.


Nourishing the World

As a women-owned company, we’re dedicated to crafting wholesome, sustainable, and delicious food. Our commitment to clean, plant-based ingredients drives us, as we support small farmers and your well-being.


We prioritize eco-conscious practices, supporting small farmers for a greener, healthier planet.


Our clean ingredients create nutritious, delicious options for mindful eating.


A women-led team, passionately crafting quality, nourishing food with care and dedication.

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Partner with us and become a part of the healthy revolution.

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